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Various Types of Hairdressing Furniture You Should Consider

When opening a new salon, one of the most important aspects you would have to consider is the type of hairdressing furniture that you will invest in. Your choice of furniture will not only affect the comfort of your clients and employees, but it will also have an overall effect on the aesthetics of your premises. Here are some of the various types of hairdressing furniture that you should consider.

Types of salon chairs you should invest in

A salon cannot be functional without the appropriate chairs in place. These chairs are not only functional, but they also play a role in the image you would like your business to reflect. There are various salon chairs that you could invest in:

  • Barber chairs: Select barber chairs that are large to accommodate any type of individual. Additionally, seek out masculine styles since these will primarily be used by men. When opting for barber chairs, invest in those with a reclining feature that would easily facilitate shaving too.
  • Dryer chairs: These types of chairs comprise of a seat and a hooded attachment for drying hair. Investing in these chairs can save your business the cost of having to install standalone dryers that would take up additional floor space on the premises.
  • Shampoo chairs: Shampoo chairs are essential in making your clients comfortable as their hair is being washed. A mistake some salon owners make is simply installing regular chairs then padding them with pillows to facilitate the washing process. This will make your salon appear unprofessional, thus it is best to get proper shampoo chairs.
  • Styling chairs: Styling chairs come in a range of styles and designs. One feature to look out for when selecting styling chairs is adjustability. This will ensure that they can accommodate both children and adults as the hydraulics of the chair can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Salon stools: Hairdressing stools are important for use by your hair stylists. When selecting stools for your salon, choose those that have wheels. This makes it easier for your employees to swivel from one station to another without much disruption.

Types of salon stations

Another component of hairdressing furniture that you would have to consider are salon stations. These stations keep the premises organized as you can direct clients to a specified station depending on their needs. Some of the types of stations you should have installed include:

  • Wet stations: These are sued solely for washing and shampooing.
  • Single stations: These are used for individual styling of clients.