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3 Ways to Use Green Tea as an Anti-Ageing Treatment

In the 21st century, everybody is trying to find ways to make themselves appear more youthful. Wrinkles, polluted pores, uneven skin tone, a loss of elasticity in the skin, and puffiness can all make you look older than you actually are. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are now so many anti-ageing treatments in the marketplace that it's easy to find something to perk up your skin. There are, however, so many options that you might not know where to begin.

Well, first of all, it's a great idea to look toward the power of natural ingredients. Green tea is one such magical ingredient that can have wonderfully anti-ageing benefits. And instead of just drinking it, you can boost the youth-making properties of green tea by also applying it to your skin externally. Here are a few ideas.

Green tea sugar scrub. Exfoliating is a key part of any beauty regimen, particularly if you want to turn the clock back. This is because exfoliating scrubs away the dead skin cells and other impurities on the outer layer of your skin, revealing skin that's fresher and a more even tone underneath.  Mix granulated sugar with green tea powder and coconut oil. The sugar acts as the abrasive element, the coconut oil keeps skin moisturised, and the green tea will help to diminish inflammation so your smooth skin looks really even. This is safe to use all over your body.

Green tea eye treatment. You might have a thorough beauty regimen, but if your eyes look tired and puffy, you'll instantly look older than you are. All you need for this treatment are some green tea bags, so this is really in the reach of anyone. Simply brew those tea bags and place them on your eyes for ten minutes if they are looking puffy. The tannins in the tea will reduce the size of the blood capillaries so that your under-eye puffiness is instantly reduced.  

Green tea toner. If you are prone to blemishes and breakouts because of your large pores, a green tea toner is exactly what you need to save the day. All you need to do is mix some raw apple cider vinegar with a strongly brewed cup of green tea and refrigerate it, and you have a concoction that will shrink pores and prevent blemishes. Plus, it's really cheap to make.

And, of course, be sure to add green tea to your diet so that you can experience its benefits from the inside out as well. 

For more information about anti-ageing treatments you may want to try, contact a local skin clinic.