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Tips on Reducing Cumulative Dry Cleaning Expenses

There are numerous cleaning techniques that are appropriate for maintaining different textiles. One of these important methods is dry cleaning, and the process is usually performed by professional cleaners. While this is a cleaning service that most people engage, few understand the actual implications of the technique. Basically, dry cleaning involves removing dirt from clothing using chemical solvents such as tetrachloroethylene, instead of water.

This method is suitable for your cleaning practices if you have delicate clothes that cannot withstand the harsh conditions in laundry machines and dryers. Moreover, this can save you time because it eliminates personal labour. On the other hand, extensive dry cleaning for your clothes can be costly, especially when you consider the long-term implications. Here are simple guidelines to help you reduce the cumulative dry cleaning costs.

Know Your Garments

You should not take your clothes to a dry cleaning shop indiscriminately. It is important to analyse and sort your garments based on their type and composition in order to identify the ones that require dry cleaning. There are fabrics that will be damaged by exposure to water, so you should categorise these as 'dry clean only' garments. The common materials in this grouping include acetate fabrics, suede, rayon and even leather.

You should also dry clean silk and wool clothes, particularly if they have a pertinent tag. Structured clothes such as suits, heavy blouses and formal jackets are also designed for dry cleaning. This will help the apparel retain the desired shape for longer. Finally, it is prudent to present garments that are not colour-fast to dry cleaners. You can test for this by pouring a little water on new garments and swabbing with a cotton bud.

Cleaning Frequency

If you present your garments for dry cleaning frequently, you will have to pay unnecessarily significant amounts of money. Moreover, there are other detriments attached to excessive handling and cleaning of fabrics. Generally, the cleaning solvent is relatively gentle on fabrics and will not cause unexpected damage. However, constant handling and application of the solvent will loosen the fabric fibres, reducing the lifespan. If the apparel is merely creased and not dirty after one wear, you should use a laundry steamer or air it out to freshen it up.

Prevent Stain Setting

The dry cleaning costs will be higher when your garments have stubborn stains. Therefore, it is critical to prevent setting of stains on the pertinent fabrics. Purchase commercial stain removal wipes or sticks for removal of accidental stains. Home dry-cleaning supplies are also useful in emergency cleaning.