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How to avoid the dreaded face shine

Now that it's another sweltering, long summer, even those with the dryest skin are experiencing it - the dreaded face shine.  It's enough to make you balk in the bathroom mirror by lunchtime, and positively want to cry by mid-afternoon.  Fortunately, though, for those who don't want to look like they've collected a day's worth of moisture on their face by mid-morning, there are a couple of techniques you can employ to reduce your daily shine.  Here are the top four that are the most effective:

Watch what you eat and drink

Although it is certainly true that face shine is exacerbated by the moisture in the air in the summer months, as well as the general ambient temperature, our skin is also profoundly affected by what you eat.  Unsurprisingly, foods and drinks that aren't healthy in general are also not great for our skin, for example, alcoholic drinks and fast food.  If you want to eat foods that will have the opposite effect, however, try loading up on fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe, carrots and spinach, as these are known to reduce face shine due to their high levels of vitamin A.  

Experiment with different primers and foundations

From a primer and foundation perspective, the price of a product isn't always a good indicator of whether it will be effective in reducing face shine.  Generally, primers and foundations clog pores, leading to even greater levels of face shine.  However, it is possible to find products that neutralise the oils that lead to face shine.  Try, for example, using a matte face primer, as it will be more likely to absorb any excess oil throughout the day.  Also, be sure to select an oil-free foundation or opt for a powder based foundation - both will reduce the amount of oil your skin secretes, and hence reduce face shine.   If you're unsure of what combination of primer and foundation you should use, consider taking a beauty therapy course at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College to learn more about the different types of products available.   

Try alcohol swabs

It may seem extreme, but if you are really concerned about your face shine, using a cotton swab to rub a little bit of alcohol on the most problematic areas of your face (for example, your forehead, nose and chin) can instantly remove any oil present in your skin and prevent it from building up during the day.  Use this technique sparingly though, as it will eventually dry out your skin, and has the potential to damage it.

During the blistering heat of summer, it can be difficult to avoid face shine.  However, if you watch what you eat, experiment with different foundations and primers, and try alcohol swabbing, you can reduce the impact of face shine significantly.