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Four Effective Ways to Protect Your Hair From Frizzing

Frizzy hair is something that many women have to battle with throughout the year. However, curly hair tends to get frizzier compared to straight hair. The reason behind this is that curly hair is usually drier than straight hair, and this makes it more susceptible to frizz. Regardless of what makes your hair look frizzy, the underlying cause is usually a raised hair cuticle. Here are some of the most effective measures that you can take to keep the hair cuticles flat and stop your hair from frizzing.

Moisturize your hair

Moisturizing your hair is the most essential step of preventing frizz. Ensure that you do this right from the start when you wash your hair. Never skip the conditioner when washing your hair as it a significant role in moisturizing the hair even before you style it. You can invest in a moisturizing hair mask for extra hydration. Once your hair is conditioned, lock in the moisture by applying a water or cream-based hair lotion. By moisturizing your hair while it's still wet, you enable it to resist frizz when exposed to humid weather.

Keep the friction at bay

Roughing up your hair causes friction, which opens up the cuticle layers and causes your hair to look frizzy. Teasing and touching the hair with your hands and drying it with a towel after a shower are the major causes of friction in the hair. Use a soft piece of cloth or towel when drying your hair to ensure that it does not get rough. Also, keep the hands away from your hair as much as possible.

Invest in a smooth pillow case

Your pillow case could be the reason why you go to bed with good-looking hair but wake up with frizzy hair. The rough cotton fibers on the pillow case can rub against your hair as you sleep and turn, causing the hair cuticle layers to open up. To avoid this, invest in a pillow case with a smooth material such as satin. The material will be smooth against your hair and prevent it from frizzing while you are asleep.

Straighten your hair

Well-straightened hair is less prone to frizz as compared to curly hair. If you are not good at straightening the hair at home, visit a hair dresser for professional straightening. Ensure that you use an anti-humid hair spray afterwards to protect the hair from humid weather.  Some hair spray brands even seal the hair cuticle and keep the hair frizz-free for long periods.

Frizzy hair can give you bad hair days throughout the week. Observe these tips to maintain beautiful and frizz-free hair. Regularly visit a hairdresser for professional hair dressing and more tips on how to tame your frizzy hair.